A JOURNEY TO CAPTURE THE magic of your brand begins now …

You’re an artist at heart. You love creating new offers and experiences because your work brings beauty, healing, and leadership into the world.

You’re confident in the work you do and love helping your clients …

… But you’re not-so-in-love with all the moving parts of an online business.

You’re looking for someone to help you get clarity around your message and offers so you can streamline your business and do more of the work you actually love to do.

Something led you here. And it’s for a reason …

Together, we’ll roll up our sleeves and go on a virtual world tour to build the business of your dreams.


WHAT EXACTLY is a retreat film?


This isn’t your typical video shoot with elaborate scripts on teleprompters, forced smiles, and 20 wardrobe changes that leave you flustered and frustrated. 

That’s not what this is about. 

A retreat film is about weaving the magic of your work with real-life stories using great storytelling to promote and sell out your retreats. 

We know that better storytelling creates more engagement and more sales so we dig deep into your brand and message to uncover what makes you remarkable and guide you to leverage that in your marketing.

We prefer casual, interview-style videography that helps everyone to feel comfortable on camera and captures the powerful moments that staging can’t create. 

We believe in taking the time to become a trusted ally so you can focus on creating a transformational experience, without worrying about the moving parts of on-site video production. 

We understand the vulnerability of sacred and intimate moments and bring the utmost care and discernment into our work, so your participants always feel safe and never uneasy or uncomfortable.

DO YOU WANT “just” a videographer …?


I believe in taking the time to really get to know you and your vision and creating a plan to help you reach your biggest goals. I dig deep into who you are, what you stand for, and the world you want to create and showcase that in your marketing. 

While other videographers can make you a pretty video, I take it much further. 

Other videographers don’t know how to use storytelling to build anticipation for your offer before it’s even released. 

You’ll walk away with so much more than a beautiful video … you‘ll know exactly how to reach more people and sell out your retreats well in advance. I’ve helped my clients craft brand stories that led to a five-figure weekend and sold-out courses, and I bring that expertise to your project. 

Other videographers just show up and shoot which leaves you with even MORE things to plan and worry about. 

With 2 decades of film production experience under our belt, I’ll help you seamlessly plan and organize any shoot logistics, so you can focus on the work you do best. 

Other videographers don’t know how to handle sacred ceremonies and risk putting your participants on edge at the worst possible time. 

I know how to discreetly capture stories without being intrusive (or even being noticed) from traveling over 1500 miles by jeep and horseback in remote Mongolia and capturing dozens of intimate retreat moments. 

RETREAT FILM collaborations

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Emmy on our Compassion Camp video. From the first conversation we had, it was clear she understood the deep intention behind our business, which made it easy to trust her both with coming into our sacred space and with translating that intention into a visual story.

She has been a consummate professional in all phases of the project– her process is streamlined, my team loved her and the video was nearly perfect in its first iteration. I’d be honoured to partner with Emmy again.



THINGS I CAN HELP WITH that you might not expect.


  • Showing you ways to leverage video content that leads to more clicks and deposits. 100% 100%
  • Helping you tell more effective stories on social media so viewers fall in love with your message, and leaves them itching for their transformative experience with you. 100% 100%
  • Helping to organize the flow of your retreat so you capture the most impactful footage without disrupting the experience for your guests. 100% 100%
  • Bringing blotting tissues so everyone looks shine-free and beautiful for video, even after hiking to the top of a waterfall. 100% 100%
  • Snapping that epic group photo so you and all your participants can remember this special moment together. 100% 100%
  • Providing emergency battery packs when your laptop or cell phone runs out of juice. Let’s get real. Even on no-technology retreats, someone always needs a battery charged 😉 100% 100%

HERE’S HOW it works …

You already have enough to worry about in planning your retreat, so I aim to make this the most fun, stress-free to create high-impact video content … but without all the stress and pressure of a normal video shoot. 

Instead, you can stay focused on creating a truly authentic, intimate, and meaningful transformational experience. 

As your retreat videographer and visibility strategist, I don’t just show up and shoot. I’ll help you craft a message that’ll have you booked months in advance – and make the actual shoot even more unforgettable than you’re dreaming of right now. 

1 - Let’s Talk About Your Retreat!

Start by completing the application so I can best understand your business, your upcoming retreat, and your vision. We’ll get on a call to help you craft a strategy that’ll get you seen and booked!

2 - Story + Strategy Session!

We’ll hop on a call to dig deep into your story + strategy, and brainstorm logistics and best times to best capture your footage. I’ll help you plan shoot logistics so you won’t have to. You’ll also receive a personalized project PDF that includes key concepts, logistics, and tips to make our upcoming shoot seamless.

3 - Lead The Best Retreat Of Your Life!

I like to arrive at a location at least 1 day earlier than the guests to prepare, scout the location, and capture the arrival of your guests! I’ll also make sure to capture time-lapses, drone aerials, and sunrises .. usually when everyone is still sleeping 😉 

4 - Relive Your Retreat & Enjoy The New Flood Of Inquiries!

Within 14 days, you’ll receive the first edit of your video. You’ll have another 2 rounds of revisions included to make sure you’re in love with it. You’ll also receive shorter trailer videos to share the story of your brand (and epic adventure!) across the internet!

Hey! I’m Emmy.



My love for storytelling started at an early age when I would dream about shooting documentaries on a man-made raft down the Amazon. 

Years later, my work would take me to the Amazon (without the man-made raft, but a dugout canoe instead!), the Northern Taiga of Mongolia, Japan, and more. 

I believe in timeless storytelling and beautiful cinematography over fancy trends and gimmicks.

At the heart of what I do is my love for storytelling and CREATING beauty that makes a meaningful impact.

I’M NOT YOUR average videographer …

 👉  I’m an introvert but love going deep in 1:1 conversations, and I bring this passion to the interview process which helps your guests feel relaxed on camera and candidly sharing stories that’ll move and inspire viewers to book their next retreat with you.

👉  I’ve helped my clients go from $0 to $100k in recurring income in less than one year with the RIGHT storytelling and strategy. I’m a nerd for conversions, funnels, and launch tactics, but I always lead with strategies that are going to be relevant and aligned for YOU, while keeping your biggest goals in mind.

👉  I’ve coordinated 3 seasons of Real Housewives of Vancouver, so you can bet I’ll make the entire videography process more organized and more impactful …. without the Real Housewives drama 😉

👉  My grandfather gifted me a set of drawing pencils when I was 9 and asked me to never give up on my art. Even though he’s no longer here, telling stories with video is my homage to the transformative power of art and the positive impact it creates.

Emmy is Ahhh-Mazing. She has a magical blend of technical, creative and strategy with a deep understanding of video marketing which is very rare to find. Her strategy forces you to think big picture, then she helps to hold your hand to implement all of it. I totally recommend her as the resource to use when you are looking at turning your videos PRO.



The Executive Director from Habitat for Humanity of Oregon attended and said it is the best Habitat video she has ever seen. That is quite a statement since she used to work on fundraisers for Habitat for Humanity Portland Metro and tries to attend as many fundraisers for affiliates around state as possible.

Thanks again for creating such a powerful tool for us. I am working on scheduling more speaking engagements to make the most use of our amazing video.



It’s worth every penny to pay someone who is a master of their craft and Emmy is definitely that. She’s also great at helping novices like myself get comfortable in front of the camera and gave me some great strategies to improve my camera presence. I would unreservedly recommend Emmy to any entrepreneur who wants a first class video expert to help bring their brand to life.



RETREAT FILMS packages & pricing


anywhere in the world

Perfect for: When you’re planning a retreat at an international location outside of North America.



  • Full 3 days of coverage by Emmy.
  • Your Story + Strategy Session with Personalize Project Planner PDF:
    • Key Storylines & Storyboard so we’re 100% on the same page with style & message.
    • Retreat Shoot Outline & Schedule so you have all your important shoot info in one easy-to-find place.
    • Tips, Tricks, and Planning Resources to help you and your guest look and sound your best on camera. 
  • 3-5 minute Retreat Film that showcases the magic of your work and helps to book out your future retreats. 
  • Three 30-60 second trailer videos to ignite engagement on your social media channels.
  • Videographer travel fees to anywhere in the world included.

Investment begins at $10,000 USD


Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

During our story + strategy call, we’ll brainstorm your shoot, map out logistics, and answer any questions you might have. After our call, you’ll receive your personalized Project Planner PDF which will include all our project information, and anything you might want to bring in preparation for your shoot.

What exactly are trailer videos?

Trailer videos are short (10-30 seconds typically) pieces of branded content best for social media. They show people who you are and what you do, in a creative and visually artful way. No talking heads here! They might be shots of you writing in your book, meditating beneath a golden sunset, or just being your awesome self in awe-inspiring city-scape. They’re short, impactful clips with music with text or one short audio clip.

How will the payments work?

Once your application is approved, I’ll send your deposit invoice to confirm your spot. Depending on the amount, we can split the payment into 3 or 4 payments. Please note that 50% of the final amount is due BEFORE any travel. If you require a more flexible payment plan, I’ll do my best to accommodate.

What if I need to cancel?

The deposit is non-refundable, but if I haven’t traveled yet, you won’t be billed the balance. If there’s any doubt in your schedule, please send me an email at emmy(at)emmywu(dot)com with any questions to make sure you’re making the right decision.