Video challenges are the best thing EVAH.

You wanna know why?

Because they’re quick and easy for you to make, and lets tons of people know more about YOU and what you do!!

The challenge was to follow a short script and upload it into Dropbox for this wicked compilation 🙂

“Hi, I’m (name) and I make (noun). (same noun) are cool because (reason). And videos help people know about it!” That’s it!! Check out these video superstars!

Video Superstars
(in order of appearance)

Nicole Tingley
Irene Tan
Toni Brown
Irene Langeveld
Knifie Burks
Elaine Goldman
Portia Jackson
Casey Jourdan
Lara Eastburn
Andrea Brown
Anastacia Spada
Carron McCabe


Led by intuition and driven by data, Emmy is a storyteller & strategist who helps visionary entrepreneurs reach more people and create a bigger positive impact, using the power of video.

She’s worked with brands like MGM, Paramount, Subaru, Walt Disney, and Real Housewives, and helped her clients book $800k in less than two weeks with industry-disrupting engagement rates of 90% when most campaigns fizzle out.

Working with some of the most distinguished visionaries, healers, and teachers in the world, she’s helped her clients create authority-building episodic TV, documentaries, and online programs that add more income streams and generate 6-figures in less than a year in BRAND NEW MARKETS.

We specialize in business & video strategies that gets extraordinary results by showcasing the magic of your story. If you’re a change-maker ready to elevate your online presence and impact, APPLY NOW to explore how we can transform your brand into a legend.