In July 2018, I travelled to Mongolia for 3 weeks with Liv Wheeler and her retreat participants to capture a pilgrimage for a documentary. We traveled over 1500 miles by jeep and horses to visit local communities and shamans, before arriving to meet the Dukha People of the White Reindeer.

The result was, “The Remembering”, a feature-length documentary currently in consideration at the Sundance Film Festival. The premise follows a group of women, led by a Kontomble Voice Diviner, pilgrimage into Northern Mongolia to heal the wounds created by modernity’s disconnection from our ancestors. Woven together by interviews and dreamlike vignettes, it’s a story of grief in being lost and forgotten, and how remembering our sacred relationship with the Little People, we truly can heal the world. You can click here to learn more about the project, and see interviews and behind the scenes content.

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