In late July 2018, I’ll be traveling to Mongolia for 3 weeks with Liv Wheeler and her retreat participants to document a pilgrimage. We’ll travel over 1500 miles by jeep and horses to visit local communities and shamans, before arriving to meet the Dukha People of the White Reindeer. #dreamproject

I’m awed and humbled to have this opportunity to record the stories of the Dukha who are a dying lineage with only 40 families left with, and about 1,000 reindeer. I’ve always felt that it’s part of my duty to preserve what might otherwise be lost forever.

While documentaries can look journalistic, I prefer a much more cinematic and artistic look, often with an emotional narrative (while still anchored in strategic objectives, of course). And now equipped with a Mavic Air drone and Sony A6500 4K camera, I want to push the creativity of what I can do. In this short trailer, I talk about how Liv & I came together for the making of this film.

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