Marisa Murgatroyd came to me to launch her new program, the Experience Product Masterclass, and we knew we had to create an INGENIOUS MESSAGE that would set us apart from all the STALE experts and gurus. We asked ourselves: what if we focused LESS on teaching, and MORE on creating EXPERIENCES where the CUSTOMER was the HERO of the story?” 

We went down a rabbit hole mapping out ENGAGEMENT TRIGGERS in a post-apocalyptic dystopian ADVENTURE that would blur the lines between real life and virtual. Think Hunger Games meets Alice In Wonderland. We wanted to take storytelling to a whole new level that would create jaw-dropping, pupil-dilating reactions like hits of DOPAMINE to the brain. And it WORKED.

The opt-in video converted at a whopping 73%, which brought in OVER 10K NEW OPT-INS in the first 3 days, then DOUBLING a few days later. People couldn’t believe that we were calling out the gurus and their ineffective marketing and invited people into REVOLUTION. As the days passed, we just kept getting MORE and MORE engagement. We had turned this launch into a GAME. We UNDERSTOOD that people weren’t looking for more training .. they wanted fun and challenging EXPERIENCES that moved them towards their goals. Within hours of opening their PRESALE, they would make over $70K before we’ve even released the official sales page!

We had created a RIPPLE EFFECT that kept people coming back for the next high .. again … and again … and joining the program was the ULTIMATE MEGA MUSHROOM. When they officially opened their doors, the buying frenzy almost took down their website and brought in $800k in NEW sales and a 20X ROI from a market that “wasn’t buying”. 😆 

“The launch created a LOT of interest and excitement by introducing the new concept of experience products to the world! We experimented with more cinematic videos and creative scripts and that approach paid off! We did phenomenally well for a new product, bringing in over $800K with less than 20 partners, which means we brought in about $35 per opt-in at a 1.6% rate from opt-in to sale (well above the industry standard).”