Rachel Ford of Souldust was looking to leverage video to grow her brand of personal development retreats. I have so much respect for the work that Rachel’s doing for equality for people of colour and LGBTQ communities, so it was an absolute yes to help her capture Camp Souldust.

We had a unique challenge in that we wanted to promote a future event that hadn’t happened yet. Because of this, we needed capture footage from Camp Souldust that would convey the feeling of the soon-to-be Compassion Camp. What resulted was a series of 3 shorter trailers to promote Camp Souldust, with a longer promo that showed the nature of the workshops that would be shared at Compassion Camp.

The Social Media Trailers

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Emmy on our Compassion Camp video. From the first conversation we had, it was clear she understood the deep intention behind our business, which made it easy to trust her both with coming into our sacred space and with translating that intention into a visual story.

She has been a consummate professional in all phases of the project– her process is streamlined, my team loved her and the video was nearly perfect in its first iteration. I’d be honoured to partner with Emmy again.