Kim Carroll and her team at Catalyst Intercultural bridges the cultural gap for companies sending their employees overseas to help make a smooth transition abroad. Their clients are mainly corporate, but they also wanted to showcase their fun, warm and down-to-earth side. The result was a fun, split screen interview between two dialogues, that merges together to tell a cohesive story.

The Social Media Trailer & Animated Intro

Working with Emmy on our brand videos was amazing. Emmy and her team really understood and articulated our brand in spite of the fact that we were just putting it all together ourselves. Besides being professional, prompt, organized, and fun every step of the way, the final videos they came up with blew us away.

And want to know the most amazing result of seeing our videos? More confidence in ourselves, and in what we do and what we have to offer, and a feeling a professionalism that is going to carry across all our interactions with clients. I can’t wait to make more videos with Emmy! <3




Led by intuition and driven by data, Emmy is a storyteller & strategist who helps visionary entrepreneurs reach more people and create a bigger positive impact, using the power of video.

During her two decade film career, she’s worked with brands like Paramount Pictures, MGM, Subaru, and Real Housewives and bring big-screen-worthy storytelling to small business. Her video strategies have landed her clients their first $24k weekend from a sold out course, to clients booking $800k in less than 2 weeks by focusing on engagement.

At the heart of her work is her love for storytelling: by sharing what we know, we educate, inspire, and create a kinder, more loving world.

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