What If Growing Your Business Wasn’t About Doing More, But Gracefully Embodying Your Unique Leadership?


If you have a desire to build a soul-led business, Integrated is designed to give you the inspiration, support, and guidance to help you do just that. You’ll grow your business with more consistent cashflow, while having more fun doing it. 

You want to build a business that feels expressive and meaningful.

You’ve taken courses, watched webinars, listened to podcasts and learned a ton to build an online business … but now you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed around where to focus. You want more than just another “strategy”. 

You feel a bit all over the place on social media and you want a clear message and plan. 

You’re ready to build a soul-led business that creates meaningful impact and blends all of you into a cohesive brand.

Friend, something led you here …

Within you are stories waiting to be told …

Everything you’ve experienced: your challenges, victories, and affinities in life, creates a prism that can unlock your magnetism.

This prism contains a library of stories that you can bring into your marketing, your offers, your message … and by design, you’ll build a more soul-aligned business and have more fun doing it.

By telling your stories, you become a living example of your leadership and the new paradigm our world needs right now.

Are you ready?

This is a container for artists and coaches to uncover your unique brilliance. You’ll integrate ALL of who you are, and bring that into your business vision and brand voice.

And by sharing your stories, you’re already starting a ripple effect of positive change.


A 6 Month Journey To Embody Your Leadership & Expand Your Business.

Integrated Will Help You:

  • Uncover stories that’ll highlight the value of your work to attract your dream clients. 100% 100%
  • Automate and sell more of your digital products with funnels that feel authentic instead of pushy. 100% 100%
  • Grow your revenue in a way that feel fun, soul-led and purposeful. 100% 100%
  • Create amazing launch and client experiences with automated systems that streamline your work. 100% 100%
  • Sell more using authentic storytelling instead of scarcity tactics. 100% 100%

You’re Ready To Step Into Your Leadership. 

Integrated Will Help You Reach Your Next Big Milestone.

This program isn’t about giving you “more information”. There’s no busywork, what we work on will help you develop your capacity and will also develop actual content.

Each month includes actionable content – you’ll be expanding your visibility in real time with my support … a recipe for serious magic.

With monthly group “Get It Done” sessions and personalized, high-level support, expect your business to look completely different in 6 months!


Grow your audience by harnessing your creativity in a way that highlights your brand. We’ll integrate your creativity as we look at your list-building & funnels as we apply methods that feel totally authentic to you.



We’ll explore sovereignty in how you run your business, and explore story archetypes that can guide your marketing, email responses, and communications.


This month is about focusing down on your core message. You’ll be able to name and claim your root offering – the thing that makes your customers and clients say “abso-freakin’-lutely” to working with you. 



Create more space and time for rest, play, and commitment to your own mastery. Integrating devotion this month, we’ll look at your daily schedule and build a deeper sense of ease while creating space for more to come in.


This month is about having a sense of curiosity around your edges and sticky points, and to see what gifts you might find. We’ll skillfully move through old stories and stuck points so you can access more of your own light – and so can those who need what it is you’re offering. 



Bring luminosity into the world by using your voice and business as a vessel for positive change. We’ll map out your next steps so you’ll have clarity around your messaging, content, and direction as you move into your next cycle of growth!

You’ll Have Personalized Guidance And An Amazing Community To Cheer You On!




There will be 3 group calls per month: one workshop-style on our monthly topic, plus Hot Seat Q&A’s, and ‘Get It Done’ workshop sessions. One week off per month for integration.


A private Facebook community to share your wins and receive support, with continued access to Martha for tech questions and Lara for Facebook ads support.


At the VIP level, you’ll have me in your back pocket anytime you need a little extra support! Stuck on a headline? Need to be talked off the ledge? Voxer me!


At the VIP level, we’ll set clear goals for our time together, with monthly 60 minute 1:1 calls to ensure you stay on track & have personalized guidance.

Hi! I’m Emmy Wu.



Led by intuition and driven by data, I help artists and coaches attract more customers and clients and sell more of their programs, using the power of video and storytelling.

Here are a few reasons you should learn integration and storytelling with me. 

👉  I love going deep to learn the nuances of what makes you YOU. I bring this passion to the storytelling process to create a video that’ll leave you bawling (that’s what my clients always tell me!) and your viewers wanting MORE.

👉  I’ve helped my clients go from $0 to $100k in recurring income in less than one year with the RIGHT storytelling and strategy. I’m a nerd for conversions, funnels, and launch tactics, but I always lead with strategies that are going to be aligned for YOU, while keeping your biggest goals in mind.

👉  I have 2 decades of Hollywood film production experience, so you can bet my process is organized, streamlined and designed to give your business bigger results, without more work and effort from your side.

👉  My grandfather gifted me a set of drawing pencils when I was 9 and asked me to never give up on my art. Even though he’s no longer here, telling stories with video is my way of honouring my promise to him through the transformative power of art and the positive impact it creates.

You’ll Build A Soul-Led Business That’s Profitable And Sustainable. 

… Without the hustle and grind.

You’ll have a stronger sense of self worth and no longer feel shame seeing other people’s successes.

You’ll stop feeling like you’re “all over the place” with more clarity in your own vision, confidence in your own skills, and tangible, do-able plans each month to move you towards your goals!

Lock In Your Founding Members Rate! 


As soon as you register …

You’ll receive a welcome email with your login details to the membership site, and the link to join our private Facebook group. Make sure you join right away to cast your vote for our ideal call times!


This is a special community rate for BIPOC, LGBTQ, folks living with disabilities, and/or experiencing financial hardship. This rate is an invitation for these communities, who regularly confront systemic marginalization to step to the front of the line and deeply receive. 

To apply for a scholarship, please record a video answering the following questions in a short video:

1) Tell me about you and your business,
2) What you hope to gain from the Integrated program, and
3) Tell me what it would look like to embody your leadership.
Upload your video as a private or unlisted video on Youtube, then share the link with me at emmy(at)emmywu(dot)com or DM me on Facebook.
Application deadline is Jan 4th @ 5pm PDT/ 8pm EST

CLIENT testimonials

Emmy is an amazing teacher and mentor. She is incredibly authentic and has a generous heart, she doesn’t hold back and offers all of her years of knowledge and experience in building a sustainable business.

The Accelerator program was extremely comprehensive and filled in a lot of the gaps in my business and has given me tons of new tools to work with.



Emmy has deep industry experience in video and film — but she is not just knowledgeable about the strategy, operations, and details that go into making and sharing videos.

She is fully engaged in supporting her clients in telling their own stories effectively through this medium, and pours her entire heart into sharing her expertise generously and helping her clients shine.



In one month I went from confusion to clarify to confidence to cash! Thanks to you, I have focus and a plan, instead of feeling lost, overwhelmed and exhausted.

I signed on three new clients this week, and the revenue from those contracts is three times what I made last month!



Working with Emmy and was one of the best business decisions I made!

I gained so much functionality and was able to let go of many moving parts, which saved me a lot of time, energy, and money.

My world has changed since working with Emmy and for that I am forever grateful.



The time with Emmy coming up with a framework for my offer was priceless! 

The Accelerator was both the nuts and bolts of increasing your visibility through video and the incredibly important but frequently overlooked factor of mindset coaching. 

I finally feel like I have a solid process with which to create and present a cohesive message through video about the value of my programs.



Emmy is not just another online marketing coach. She has real Hollywood skills that is applied to your training. 

As a creative with an MBA, I appreciate the freedom to safely share wacky ideas with the cohort and not feel like I have to hold back to build my business. Emmy gets how creatives are and guides us in a structured yet unstructured manner to help us tap into our magic and grow our business.



You’ll Have The Opportunity To See Visibility In A Whole New Way.

One that actually gets you excited to consistently show up and share your unique thoughts, perspectives, ideas, and offers.

You’ll be able to name and claim your root offering – that special something that makes your customers and clients say hell yes to working with you.

You’ll get clear about how not only what your business offers, but how you run your business on a day to day is shaping our shared future.

All of this with the skills of storytelling will give you a new powerful voice to share from.

By Integrating All Of Who You Are, You’ll Embody Your Unique Leadership.

CLIENT testimonials

Emmy is Ahhh-Mazing. She has a magical blend of technical, creative and strategy with a deep understanding of video marketing which is very rare to find.

Her strategy forces you to think big picture, then she helps to hold your hand to implement all of it. I totally recommend her as the resource to use when you are looking at turning your videos PRO.



Hiring Emmy to do my video launches was the best business decision I’ve made this year! 

She is the real deal, deeply care about her work and to get YOU results with your launch.

The end result of working with Emmy was a fabulous videos, we launched a week ago, and my class is already full with amazing students!



Given Emmy’s experience and creativity, she will come up with fantastic ideas for your videos that you would never have thought of, and from start to finish she is truly invested in helping you create videos that showcase you and your work in the best light.

This is why it’s worth every penny to pay someone who is a master of their craft and Emmy is definitely that. She was also great at helping novices like myself get comfortable in front of the camera and gave me some great strategies to improve my camera presence. I would unreservedly recommend Emmy to any entrepreneur who wants a first class video expert to help bring their brand to life.



Emmy’s work is beyond mind blowing! Her workmanship is top notch, and exceeded my expectations.

Emmy was able to take my business goals and vision and create a step by step action plan that was easy to understand as well as packed full of power.

The launch strategy she created for me embodied all of my values and beliefs! She goes over and beyond to deliver, and anyone would be lucky to have her as part of their team! Thank you Emmy!!!



Emmy has the ability to take very big ideas and breaking them down to do-able steps with enthusiasm, support, and patient guidance.

Her constant positive can-do approach and willingness to give her knowledge freely was a breath of fresh air.

Her team did a great job at pulling the pieces together and capturing the brand, message, and connection I set out to convey in my first ever online videos!



Emmy is pure genius when it comes to making something that seems complicated – video! – really accessible.

I used to be intimidated by that recording light on my camera but with Emmy’s leadership I feel confident in creating powerful and beautiful videos for my programs and products.

If you haven’t already worked with Emmy, I highly suggest you do so before her calendar is booked out for years to come!




How is this program different from the Voice Video Vision Accelerator?

In the Voice Video Vision Accelerator, we follow a curriculum around launching your program and is ideal for business owners who some experience selling online. It’s designed to help course creators and coaches reach $100k in less than one year using the power of video.

Integrated does not follow a curriculum but is more of a mastermind style program where we discuss monthly themes that prompt exploration of your unique leadership in business. Integrated isn’t designed to “teach” you more stuff, but rather support you with the guidance, mentorship, and accountability to help you reach your next big milestone. You’ll have lots of live Q&A time to have your questions answered to help you move forward quickly.

I'm just starting my online business. Would this be a good program for me?

This program is designed to meet you where you are. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while, each month, you’ll be focusing on a goal you create for your own business. Unlike in the Voice Video Vision Accelerator where we follow a curriculum around launching your program, Integrated does not follow a tight curriculum but provides guidance, mentorship, and accountability to help you reach your next big milestone.

How much support can I expect inside this program?

We will have 3 live group calls per month: one teaching-based class on our leadership theme, round-table discussions and Q&A, and “Get It Done” sessions where we’ll focus on tasks like writing sales pages or email sequences to help you implement the most important business elements. We’ll also have a private Facebook group where you can post your questions for feedback from myself and your classmates, and have access to Martha, our Tech + Integrations Expert, Lara, our Facebook Ads expert!

If you join at the VIP level, you’ll also have monthly calls with me, plus Voxer access anytime you need a little extra support!

Is there anything that I should prepare for, or anything I'll need to make the most of this mentorship?

Just the commitment to focus and implement! Where most entrepreneurs get tripped up is when they lose focus on one specific strategy and give up too soon before they see results. We’re going to put one plan in place and get it working for your business so you’ll want to set aside time to do that. 

It’s also important to remember that business ebbs and flows: some weeks may require more time than others, so it’s more about having focused commitment to your vision.

To get more leads into your funnel, I would also recommend an ads budget down the road. $10/day to start is plenty, but absolutely not mandatory for this program.

How much time do I need each week to implement?

Just like with anything, the more committed focus you put into something, the faster you’ll see results. We’d recommend setting aside at least 4 hours per week to really get momentum in your business. If you’re able to put in more, that’s great! 

Are there tools that I'll need to invest in?

You may want to invest in an email newsletter provider like Convertkit or Active Campaign. However, my personal favourite is Kartra because it’s the all-in-one business building tool with features similar to Infusionsoft, but at a fraction of the cost. If you use Kartra, I can also share my funnel assets with you so it’s even easier to deploy your funnel1

If you’re planning on launching a new online program, you may also want a budget for Facebook ads to increase your reach, but it’s not mandatory to start. We’ll start organically to test results, then I would recommend using Facebook ads to scale your systems for growth.

If you’re a service-based business, I would recommend an invoicing and bookkeeping software like 17hats. I personally love this software because I can automate my workflow and know that I never drop a ball with a client!