And we’re back for part 2 of How to Convert Viewers into Customers & Clients!

Today we’re talking about creating content that gets your audience EXCITED to tune in and how to create a clear gap between where they are right now and where they want to be… with YOU as the clear solution. Ready? Let’s dive in!

First off… let’s talk about getting your audience excited to watch your videos.


Great content, want to know information, like the person, etc. …it’s all a PART of it. But having the confidence & energetic vibe to attract your tribe truly comes from within. Confidence isn’t handed to you. It’s a DECISION you make to move forward despite the fear and uncertainty. It doesn’t rely on exterior circumstances or validation that you’re doing the right thing. 


Remember to always try to understand where your audience is RIGHT NOW. If you aren’t meeting them where they’re at currently, they’re going to feel overwhelmed or click off because it just doesn’t relate to them.


    • What are 3 things that you teach your audience?
    • How do you teach it differently?
    • What beliefs or values does your audience have that you must embrace in order to better connect with them?


How do you invite connection on a platform that can feel really overwhelming and noisy?

  • Do you have make time for authentic connections? Ie. Asking questions during your livestreams & engaging instead of focused solely on teaching. 
  • Do you take time to practice your camera presence so you are visually inviting?
  • Are you giving your audience a really great reason for clicking and tuning in?


Knowing where your audience is right now, how do you create content that leads them to the next step? It’s not just teaching how-to’s, it’s about helping them to:

  • giving them tools & fun assignments so they can explore, so they have real-world understanding an experience.
  • creating a journey so there’s a progression between what you’re teaching them, and what they’ll want NEXT!
  • see what’s possible for themselves, so they’re SELF motivated.


If you have any questions about converting your viewers into clients/customers… leave a comment below!

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