Facebook’s algorithms are prioritizing meaningful engagement: comments & organic shares. If you’re creating valuable content, then you don’t need to worry! This is about filtering out shares from third parties (links outside of Facebook), and turning content creation back to it’s users .. so live video is more important than ever!



  • Posting 3-5 x’s a day with quotables that don’t create engagement or reaction are a waste of time. Even if you’re using a scheduler, Facebook is always reading the activity on your page, so you’re essentially telling FB that no one’s interested in your content.
  • INSTEAD: post personalized, meaningful content about YOU and what you know that can help your customers that poses a question or elicits a reaction where your audience wants to engage with your content.



  • Real time engagement counts! Don’t just post content to post … find out when the best times of day are for your audience and stick to a consistent schedule.
  • I find personally that mornings and evenings work best for my audience. Even with an established audience, I find posts at 1pm or 3pm very rarely get noticed.



  • There are several differences between posting on your business page and posting in your group:
    • Business page is like your “website” on FB … it’s where cold audience meets you. Your group is to cultivate those relationships.
    • Anything shared inside a group can’t be shared outside that group, so you can create exclusivity by sharing content inside your group. Treat your peeps well, almost like your 2nd “list”.
    • Growing a business is all about RELATIONSHIPS. Cultivate genuine relationships in your communities, instead of feeling like you always need to post .. it’s better to post really great content once a week, than splatter your group with meaningless content.



  • You’ll need your biz page to run Facebook ads. If you’re a serious online entrepreneur, you’ll always want that option to be open for you. Especially when you’re offering a new product or service.
  • It’s still a valuable online asset. Think of people just coming across your business. Many times, they’ll check out your personal profile and business page to LOOK for your website. You want to build social proof and credibility by having content and reviews on your business page.


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