YOU HAVE A MESSAGE THAT’S WAITING TO BE shared with the world.


But as a culture, we’ve forgotten our true voice in exchange for working faster and easier with templates, swipe files, blueprints …

We might falsely believe the need to package ourselves up in a certain way to “appeal to the right people”.

But these are only TACTICS, and NONE will ever amount up to YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE.

Tactics that used to work don’t anymore because people are TIRED of the lack of creativity and integrity in online marketing.

The world is seeking more truth and authenticity.

And it’s an invitation to fully step into who you’re meant to be.


  • Soul-excavating exploratory prompts to help you deeply remember who you are. 50% 50%
  • Playful Video Script Map + guidance to turn your stories into a compelling video. 25% 25%
  • Answering video tech questions, maximizing views, and gracefully transitioning viewers to your offerings. 25% 25%
  • Ah-ha’s and creative downloads. 100% 100%
  • Content ideas for social media, sales pages, and website copy. 100% 100%


A storytelling workshop designed to help you uncover your Soul’s Essence and transform it into captivating and authentic videos and content, without ever compromising your true voice.

WE’LL EXPLORE THESE areas of your Soul’s Essence:


Your dreams as a child contains potent information about who you’re meant to be. By remembering deeply, the seed can blossom.


Your skills and experiences often point toward your strengths, but can also reveal some surprising things about who you are!


Mentors can be seen as guardians who ensured you walked the path you were meant to at the time, even if it wasn’t on purpose!


Your lineage and ancestors hold a wealth of resources, wisdom, and stories for you to step into and realize. They may also be mirrors for our own path.


Your dreams and vision are the bridge between who you are and who you’re meant to be. It’s very likely that you and your dream clients share a common vision, so you must share it!


You’ll know exactly how to speak to your audience in a way that creates connection and inspires action. 

This workshop will give you the knowledge and ideas to easily create authentic content, without resorting to over-used templates.


We’ll dive into exploratory exercises that’ll help you uncover your Soul’s Essence, so you’ll walk away knowing exactly how to speak and share about your work in an aligned and authentic way.



Whether you’re not sure what part of your story to share or you’re feeling stuck, you’ll have my personalized feedback to guide you along the way.



Worksheets to jam through prompts, a Video Script Map to help you organize your ideas into a cohesive video story, and the replay plus bonus video training to revisit again and again.


We’ll also touch on the tech and tools to create your videos, maximizing your video views, and how to gracefully lead viewers into purchasing from you in an authentic way.

DOORS CLOSE FEB 28th @ 6 pm PDT!

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Emmy has the ability to take very big ideas and breaking them down to do-able steps with enthusiasm, support, and patient guidance. Her constant positive can-do approach and willingness to give her knowledge freely was a breath of fresh air along with her responsiveness and staying on top of the details.



Emmy was able to guide me through the storytelling process and breakdown exactly how we would achieve the end result. And bringing it all together and revising the creative was easy and clear throughout the whole project! Highly recommend!



HOLY CRAP this homework just ROCKED my world. I feel like I could have paid a couple grand for JUST these prompts and felt totally happy! Great questions, Emmy. This was AWESOME!



Emmy is Ahhh-Mazing. She has a magical blend of technical, creative and strategy with a deep understanding of video marketing which is very rare to find. Her strategy forces you to think big picture, then she helps to hold your hand to implement all of it. I totally recommend her as the resource to use when you are looking at turning your videos PRO.



Emmy really understood and articulated our brand. Besides being professional, prompt, organized, and fun every step of the way, the final videos they came up with blew us away. And want to know the most amazing result of seeing our videos? More confidence in ourselves, and in what we do and what we have to offer, and a feeling a professionalism that is going to carry across all our interactions with clients.



Emmy is simply fabulous! Her amazing energy, clear instructions and divine gift to pull together this jumbled idea in my head was priceless! The whole process from start to finish was easy breezy, and the final result left me with tears … of joy! Emmy will continue to be my go-to person when I need some mad video skills! I’m proud to have her be a part of #myworldchangerevolution



Rather than looking for the next sparkly object with empty promises … we’ll find the jewels that already live inside of you.


It’s time for storytelling that helps you see the vast complexity of who you truly are.

It’s time for storytelling that integrates your duality as part of your wholeness.

It’s time for storytelling that doesn’t follow a formula, but rather a process of discovery.

We won’t be trying to fit you into a neat little box.

We’ll be breaking the rules of “how you should speak to your audience”.

We’re certainly not following the paradigm of “how you need to be branded”.

Simply put: we’re not buying into mimicry anymore.


What you’ll uncover in this process will not only bring you into deeper awareness around the treasures that already live inside of you, but you’ll finally claim your authenticity, and be able to proudly share it with the world. 

Are you in?


What if I can't make it live?

No problem! You’ll receive the workshop recordings plus all worksheets and training videos to work at your own pace. All materials will be sent to you within 24 hours of the workshop ending.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

Yes! Once you make your purchase, you’ll receive your confirmation email with a short pre-work exercise. It’s not mandatory, but it’s a fun exercise that I highly recommend! On the day of the workshop, just make sure you have a solid wifi signal, and your worksheets printed so we can map out your story! Tall cuppa tea, candle, and healthy snacks are welcomed!

What will I be able to do with what I learn?

What you’ll uncover in this process will not only bring you into deeper awareness around the treasures that already live inside of you, but you’ll finally claim your authenticity. From what you’ll uncover, you can:

  • Create a video script,
  • Write an authentic sales page,
  • Produce true and aligned online content,
  • Update your website so it feels like you.
  • Cultivate the knowing that what comes through you IS always worthy of being shared.

You will also know: 

  • What types of tech and tools to use to create your videos,
  • Best practices for sharing your videos to maximize views,
  • Leading people from your video content into purchasing from you in an authentic way.
What if I don't like the workshop?

Due to the digital nature of this program, no refunds are available, so please ask any questions before purchasing. You can send your inquiries to support(at)emmywu(dot)com