You started this business with a dream to create something meaningful in this world. 

With your skills and knowledge, you were ready to get out there and make some waves!

When it comes to your work, you know what you’re great at. You’re an expert with a method that can literally change lives. 

But when it comes to growing your online business … you’re still the best kept secret in your niche. 

You need a system that gets your message and work in front of the right people … and a way to transform the fears and shadows that keep holding you back.

Without this, you’ll always experience the feast and famine, and the unpleasant cycle of #doingallthethings with little results … and always wondering why.

It’s time to get to the root of the issue then take a plan of action to reach your goals.

Instead of months of trial and error, join me in a journey to become your next level you, and create a magnetic video strategy that reliably attracts new leads into your business each month. 

Together, we’ll get you clear on your audience, message, and offer, AND CREATE your unique money-making video plan based on your VIDEO ARCHETYPE.

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You don’t just know how – you SHOW how. Your videos and step by step guides on not just the how but the WHY of it all was amazing. The Accelerator literally had everything I need to help me succeed in my business and facilitated my first $20k launch!!! As someone who coaches and holds space for others for a living, I need to tell you that the way you hold space is divine. I felt held, seen and supported in this program more than anything I’ve experienced. Thank you.



Before I came into the Accelerator, I was a bit panicked and discouraged about ALL the other investments I’d made, but also pulled into hope by Emmy’s content and engagement. The program was super-flexible and manageable even as we adjusted to a pandemic, and the supportive guidance from Emmy, her team, and the other participants has left my business re-oriented, re-invigorated, and pointed in a direction of my talents and the joy I want to bring to my community. Thanks Emmy!



In one month I went from confusion to clarify to confidence to cash! Thanks to you, I have focus and a plan, instead of feeling lost, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Because of our work together I signed on three new clients this week, and the revenue from those contracts is three times what I made last month. Thank you!



Working with Emmy and was one of the best business decisions I made! I gained so much functionality and was able to let go of many moving parts, which saved me a lot of time, energy, and money.

My world has changed since working with Emmy and for that I am forever grateful.



I guess we’re all kind of blown away here … We didn’t even have this online class idea in our heads just 6 weeks ago – and we could never have done this without your help, guidance, and inspiration.

I’m SO EXCITED, and curious to see how effective this format can be in serving the aspiring jewellers of the world. I Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Let’s see how she flies!



I’m Emmy.

Guide To Your Next Level. 

After helping dozens of my clients hit five-figure first time course launches, and selling hundreds of my own courses and digital programs using automated funnels, I want to show you how you can attract better leads and sell more of their online programs with ease, using the power of video. 

This 12 week program gives you the strategic and mindset support so you can reach your biggest financial goals, without the hustle and grind. 

During my 2 decade film career, I rubbed shoulders with brands like Paramount Pictures, MGM, Subaru, and Real Housewives and will teach you how to bring big-screen-worthy storytelling strategies to your business.

While other forms of marketing like blogging and posting on Instagram are fine … videos are what captures people’s attention and sells.

And I’ll show you how to speak to the hearts (and wallets) of your customers.

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