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You’re ready to reach more people than ever and take your business to the next level.

And you need someone who will get your big vision and help you map out a clear plan to get there …

Someone who will take their time to understand what you’re all about so we can showcase the BEST of what you offer …

… Someone with vision and practical strategy.

As a first-born Virgo, I’m a natural organizer and systematizer.

But unlike other “systems” people, I’m very intuitive and understand how to translate your “hard to explain” ideas into a message and brand that people will get and connect with.

With two decades of coordinating Hollywood productions for studios like MGM, Disney, and Real Housewives, I learned how to juggle complex launch projects with tight timelines and many moving parts.

I also learned that great storytelling will ALWAYS outlast trends and tactics, so our campaigns lead with great storytelling before all else. 

My bespoke video and marketing campaigns have helped clients take their message global, multiply their revenue, and create a bigger impact in the world. 

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Are You Ready For A Growth Strategy?

Let’s Find Out …

There are “Circle” people, and “Straight Line” people.

This is a wonderful analogy that describes two distinct natures in people.

Circle people are visionaries. Ideas come quickly and easily to them, but they often lack the structure or systems to implement.

They crave new experiences and are great at riding the waves of life, but sometimes feel lost in the their next steps because they feel like they’re constantly “wingin’ it”.

Circle people will often get the heebie geebies even at the word “organize” because it feels cumbersome and overwhelming, and frankly, they thrive off of chaos.

On the other hand …


Straight line people are the systematizers and organizers. They’re excellent at turning ideas and chaos into order and form and actually love doing it because it’s second nature.

Straight line people like new experiences too, but it needs to be scheduled in their calendar otherwise they’ll feel discombobulated.

They love systems and routine which actually helps them to feel free in their day-to-day.

We need both types of people.


But in order for Circles to do their best work, they need support from Straight Line people.

And Straight Lines also need Circles to help them stay present and not turn into curmudgeons.

Energetically, I don’t find it surprising at all that my Straight Line qualities attract the most beautiful Circle people into my life. I consider it a gift and honour to have helped several “Circles” get to their next level in business by helping them to stay in THEIR genius zone, while creating SYSTEMS that will help them sustain it.

In fact, magic happens when Circles and Straight Lines come together for a common cause.

Together, we create results like:


👉  Go from laying off their team and starting from $0 to 6-figures in less than a year with repeatable, push-of-a-button campaigns that multiply their income and bring in passive income.

👉  Go from “flying by the seat of her pants” to DOUBLING her students and TRIPLING her income with the right video strategy that allows her to grow and scale.

👉  Rapidly transform from “I’m about to give up and work at Starbucks” to making TRIPLE of what she did within 2 weeks together than her last 3 months COMBINED.

👉  Getting out of feast and famine, to back to back 5-figure months with more ease and flow than she’s ever experienced.

If you’re a “Circle”, you’re not doing anything wrong.


Please don’t look for the next strategy to turn you into a Straight Line. Step-by-step business building will only water down your work and make you miserable. Instead, you’re SUPPOSED to stay chaotic and messy because that’s what fuels your creative genius and happiness.

You need to be supported by someone who GETS your process and help you build systems that fit your business and personality. You need someone who can see your bigger vision, and help you map out the practical steps to get there.

I have the midas touch of helping my clients get to consistent 5-figure months by merging your Circle genius, and my Straight Line systems.

When you can be free to create on your own terms … that’s when you’re the happiest.

I know that. YOU know that.

So don’t compromise your true nature and get the RIGHT support for your dreams. Apply below and let’s turn your “Circle” into an ever-expanding SPIRAL.

There’s a story within you just waiting to be told.

At the heart of what I do, is my love for storytelling.

I’m invested in helping positive change-makers reach more people with their message, using the power of videos. By sharing what we know, we educate, inspire, and create a kinder, more loving world.

My mission is to transform that message from your heart, into a beautiful medium that you can share with the world.

Let’s get to know each other and get you started on your journey.