Recently, I was shooting a project with Golden Sphere Studios, a gold-smithing and jewelry making company based in Washington.

Kent Raible has decades of experience creating original pieces, and this husband-wife (Lynn Raible) duo wanted to turn his expertise into online courses that would leave the legacy of this work.

We didn’t want to use the conventional methods like live challenges or a video series.

We wanted to really showcase his knowledge from decades of experience. And let the viewers feel his warm personality.

And well, we just like to do things a little differently 😉

Aside from most launch methods being terribly over-used online, I knew that one of Kent’s strengths is his personable camera presence (I mean really, look at this sales page video I made for them last year!).

Instead of leading with strategy, we could lead with Kent’s greatest assets: his skills and personality.

The results was an interview series where Kent chatted about his own career path providing insight and guidance to aspiring jewelry-makers.

As a business owner, it’s important that you’re intentional about WHO your video is speaking to.

Your videos should speak specifically with DIFFERENT messaging to different types of people in your audience:

  • Cold leads (these people have no idea who you are),
  • Warm leads (these people may have been to your website or watched your videos, but haven’t bought from you),
  • And hot leads (past customers or clients, or those VERY engaged and ready to buy!)

With cold leads, you’re simply building brand awareness, and letting them know who you are by building goodwill. Sharing helpful tips and content is a great way to do this.

With warm leads, you want to continue building the relationship, with specific content that answers their questions and objectives and opening them up to the idea of working with you.

Only your hot leads should be invited directly to a sales page and other opportunities to working with you because you’ve done the brand and relationship building already.

We were able to acquire new audiences for pennies, then re-target them with the sales video.

Ad spend: $425 in boosted posts to custom audiences:
Cost per 10-second view: $0.03
Cost per link Click: $1.11
CPC-All: $0.46
Total 53X ROAS – Return On Ad Spend!

Then we ran retargeting video ads of the sales page video.

(Remember, these people have seen the “Interview With Kent” series, so they’re now WARM LEADS)

 34% of sales from people who were NOT on their list prior to the ads. (This is a 33X ROAS – Return On Ad Spend)

63% of sales from people who were NOT on their list prior to their last online course launch (53X ROAS – Return On Ad Spend)

Takeaway: you need to be implementing videos into your lead generation strategy!

Here’s the truth: online consumers are changing, so business owners need to as well! It’s not about having perfectly put-together videos, or having a complicated funnel. People are looking for raw, authentic connections. It’s truly about leveraging what’s working NOW, and creating a plan that helps your natural strengths stand out.

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