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Storytelling + Video

To Elevate Your Brand And Impact.

Behind every great brand is great storytelling.

And how you tell your story matters more than ever.

While other marketing gurus try to hand you a cookie cutter formula, we dig deep to uncover what makes your brand remarkable. We connect your stories with with the values and desires of your customers to build strategies that keeps them coming back for more. 

Our clients are visionaries who are taking their business to the next level with global visibility – so they can create deep, meaningful impact and leave behind a legacy.

But, most of our clients don’t want to spend hours on social media, and know their message is about more than just them.

There’s a bigger story to be told.

As a visionary, you’re better than mainstream marketing and there is a better way … You’re in the right place.

Emmy Wu Media is creating new standards for brand storytelling that elevates your online presence while disrupting outdated paradigms. We work with some of the most distinguished visionaries and teachers in the world, and specialize in business & video strategies that gets extraordinary results by elevating your authority with great storytelling.

It’s a new time and a new age, and it’s up to us to create it.

When you’re ready to turn your work into a brand that builds your legacy, we’re your partners to help you reach a bigger audience globally.

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Hey there, I’m Emmy


Led by intuition and driven by data, I help visionaries reach a bigger audience, do MORE of the work they love, and have a proven plan that flows towards focused, sustainable, burnout-free growth. 

During my 2 decade film career, I coordinated multi-million dollar film productions with brands like Paramount Pictures, MGM, Disney, Subaru, Panavision, and Real Housewives and bring big-screen-worthy storytelling and systems to help grow YOUR business.

My strategies have helped my clients to spark new international collaborations & partnerships, reach an international audience, and multiply their revenue streams, without hustling more. 

And if my clients can do it, so can you.

Archetypes Of Video Magnetism

A free video series to help you DISCOVER YOUR ARCHETYPE AND become brilliant on video.