I’m not gonna lie. Sometimes I surprise myself at the kind of clients that I get to work with. This duo was seriously organized, had an amazing vision, and had 100% trust in my creative recommendations.  It’s all kinda magical.

That’s exactly what happened when I crossed paths with Maria Hinton and Adrienne Dorison. Maria is a possibilitarian and prosperity coach, and Adrienne is a self-mastery coach, and they both have big visions that stretch far beyond the entrepreneurial world.

… Like building non-profit foundations in third world rural communities that provide basic supplies and education to children. Ya, pretty bomb, right?

So when they came to me with the concept for creating a video series for a workshop they’ll be holding to empower driven entrepreneurs to reach their own highest potential, I was IN. I totally believe that when you do the inner work, and discover what lights you up inside, only then will you have the capacity to do HUGE things in this world. So, I wanted to create a video series that would showcase their message in a visually inspiring way and packaged with a soundtrack that felt limitless and expansive.

For those of you who know me, or are a member of my Facebook group, Video Visibility Mastery, you know that an important part of nailing the imagery and messaging in your videos is finding a few keywords to describe the overall vibe.

For this project, the keywords I chose were: inspiration, journey and change.

With these keywords, it became much easier to unit the entire video series with two hosts. Maria and Adrienne both have very large followings on their websites, so we had to create a video that was grounded in their singular message, and not their unique branding. And I knew that the one commonality that they shared was their audience: entrepreneurial spirits with the drive to be bigger, and to design a life of abundance defined on their own terms. Knowing this, I used stock footage that clearly illustrated the struggle from being confined in the corporate grind, visuals that conveyed change and a journey to come.


You can watch the Opt-In video for “You Are Infinite Potential” here:


This is just the opt-in to an amazing three-part video series, but the thing about being a video editor is that I often can’t share my all of my client videos because it’s exclusive content. But if you’re interested in seeing what they have to offer (and my editing style!), you can opt-in here and see the full series over two weeks.

If you want to see how we can pull together an amazing launch series for your offer, click here to find out more!

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