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Video Samurai Trick to Keep Your Viewers Watching

We all want our viewers to watch our entire video and to see something about us that stands out from the crowd, right? Something in the words that you use, or the concept that you illustrate just draws them in because you get them. Tweet this: Did you know that you only have 3 seconds…

Spring Video Challenge – April Edition

Video challenges are the best thing EVAH. You wanna know why? Because they’re quick and easy for you to make, and lets tons of people know more about YOU and what you do!! The challenge was to follow a short script and upload it into Dropbox for this wicked compilation “Hi, I’m (name) and I make…

Do You Ever Look Like THIS On Camera?

Ummmmm … I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s been (ahem!) a while since my last video. The main reason is because all of my creative energy has been poured into creating, Craft to Camera. From launching this (beta) baby, then writing, shooting and editing the content, it’s been a doozy! BUT one amazing ride where…

12 Days Challenge

I’m so thrilled to be sharing this post as part of Val Geisler’s “12 Days of Systems Challenge”. It’s a crazy awesome series of posts by talented entrepreneurs sharing their best tips and tricks on productivity and simplifying their work, and life! You can check out the full line-up riiiiight over here. Needless to say,…

Connected Stories – November Edition

The coolest thing about video is that it connects us with other people from all over the world. The Connected Stories Project is about bringing together different people from around the world and sharing YOUR story. When we bring together our stories in a singular voice, something beautiful and amazing happens. Part of the inspiration behind…

How to Be Clear In Your Videos

We all want to be clear and concise when we’re speaking on camera. But why is it so much harder to actually do? Getting comfortable in front of the camera is only half the battle. You need an on-camera plan, to deliver your message. Otherwise that confidence often just turns into a case of ramble-itis. And we…

How to Know If Videos Are Right For Your Business

Videos can be super inspiring to watch, but the thought of creating content is a little more daunting. It might be the learning curve of new equipment and workflows that have you frozen, or maybe it’s the process of finding content that connects with your audience, and your authentic self! Here are four questions that…

November Video Collab Party!

Ermaaaagherrrrd do I have a FUN video collab project for us!! I’m so excited about this that I couldn’t wait till the morning So here it is. I want to bring our stories together in a single, super-cool edited short that will showcase what YOU do while encouraging you to step in front of the…

Meet Emmy

Emmy Wu is a Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR based videographer and editor. She has spent over 15 years working in the film industry, and has grown accustomed to being the only girl working with cameras.

She hopped on the camera-nerd train long ago and started a career in film and broadcast cameras even before high definition existed.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a serious sense of hustle, she knew that just understanding camera settings was only part of the equation. Being able to tell a story that genuinely connects with people is where the magic is.

Connecting people with stories is her passion, and she's always looking for creative ways to tell an interesting story.