My passion is to help entrepreneurs build their business by creating stylish and ultra-customized promotional videos that speak directly to their dream clients. 

A video is the most immediate way to connect with others. It can amp up your brand image, educate others about what you do, or showcase your products and services directly to your audience. Or all of the above!

If your industry or profession requires you to communicate with other people, then you would benefit from having video content that represents your business. Your voice is valuable and it's my work to help you share it in the most authentic way that draws more people who love, support and buy from you!

Your dream clients are out there looking for you!

Maybe you've thought about creating videos before, but you weren't sure where to start. It can be seriously daunting to learn camera settings, and editing software. Or do you hire a videographer? The investment can be expensive, plus you need someone who understands your special spark. It's important that your company's brand is represented accurately!

I completely understand where you're coming from, and I'm here to help! I will work with you to develop your video's elements from the very beginning. Together, we'll outline your video's main story, key visual elements, tone/mood, and who you are trying to reach. Each and every video is ultra-customized so that it represents YOU.

What's #ProjectGiveBack?

I love people who take it seriously to make this world a more peaceful, loving, and beautiful place to live. I give back to my community by shooting, editing, and delivering videos for FREE to non-profits, and people behind a cause that make our world a better place.

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